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MD Customs

Experience the unique finesse of the BLACK AMG AF1, featuring a sleek black Nike AF1 with a chromed AMF logo and Mercedes Benz symbol, all elegantly accented with AMG Petronas colour-themed lines. The perfect combination of luxury and performance.

*Our team of experienced artists hand paint your pair of MDCustoms to perfection using the highest quality acrylic paints and products available .

* All products sold by MDCustoms are exclusively tailored to your taste, and thus are non-returnable and non-refundable.

* Please allow a minimum of 4-6 weeks for your pair of MDCustoms to be delivered.

* The price of the original base pair of shoes has been included in our MDCustoms fees.

* DISCLAIMER : These sneakers are not an official collaboration with Nike or any other affiliated brand/company. They are made as a form of pure artistic expression .

*This product is a speciality item and must we worn with care . Not intended for daily use or rigorous activities, consider this as a piece of ART.

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